Annoucing the Brandcast Cloud

JULY 20, 2015

Today marks the launch of the Brandcast Cloud™ – the first cloud platform that fuses Design, Technology and Marketing into a single, visually rich workflow that gives marketing teams the ability to publish websites with unprecedented ease, speed, scale and control.

The Brandcast Revolution: Not Your Parents’ CMS

Brandcast revolutionizes the traditional web platform / content management system (CMS) experience, with a new technology architecture purpose-built for today’s high-velocity digital marketing. The Brandcast Cloud™ is:

• Easy To Use: Create websites in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional web platforms. Write-once, publish everywhere—browser, smartphone or tablet.

• Easy to Share: Collaborate across your enterprise and with outside partners on one live platform. 

• Easy to Scale: Scale rapidly to thousands of websites, from the largest corporate sites to the most personalized microsites, landing pages and mobile sites.

• Easy to Manage: Enjoy unprecedented one-click dashboard views of your entire website portfolio, organized by brands, websites, users and content.

Customers Deserve A Better Choice

“Today’s websites need to be deployed everywhere, at breathtaking speed and on a global scale,” said Richard Yanowitch, Brandcast Chairman and CEO. “But customers are unanimous: current web platforms have hit a wall. They’re expensive, cumbersome and slow to deploy. They were never designed for the kind of large-scale, collaborative, media-rich marketing required for the new digital touchpoints–social, mobile and the cloud. The time is now to provide a modern website ecosystem for building amazing digital brands, and that’s what the Brandcast Cloud™ was designed to do.”

Changing Web Publishing Forever

“It's time that web publishing becomes accessible to everyone,” said Dan Lynch, Brandcast Founder and CTO. “At our core, we are democratizing publishing technology through design-thinking and digital workflows that catalyze creativity instead of impeding ideas. Our visual marketing platform closes the gap between intention and execution, opening a new frontier of cloud publishing by empowering a new generation of brands to express ideas through technology.”

Team Update: World-Class Leadership 

Adding to Brandcast’s roster of groundbreaking technologists, the Company has appointed SaaS software entrepreneur Richard Yanowitch as Chairman and CEO, Conor Egan as Vice President of Product and Ashley Rocha as Director of Creative and Marketing. The Company has also completed a new round of financing from Marc Benioff.