Brandcast Hosts Animation Hackathon for Students

CONOR EGAN / JULY 28, 2016

On Monday, July 18th Brandcast hosted the first partner hackathon with ReactorCore, a nationwide network of coding academies. 22 students and alumni came to the Brandcast office to learn about Brandcast, network with each other, and experiment collaboratively. The entire event took place over the course of three hours.

The topic of the hackathon was using animations with a javascript library called React. React is a framework that came out of Facebook that, among other things, is a key component that enables content-rich Brandcast pages to load so quickly. 

Brandcast is constantly pushing the envelope on the newest technologies to enable our customers and we embrace organizations like ReactorCore that are fostering innovation by their students.

We wanted to feature a few submissions, both of which are loosely based on the classic game “snake”.

One submission was by Bill Ramsey and Jordan Tepper. They are both recent graduates of Hack Reactor. The submission is playable here and you can see the source code and hackathon prompt on Github. It is a 2-player combat version not dissimilar to the classic Tron™ lightcycle game.

The second is by Justin Lai who is a recent graduate. It is playable here and you can also see the source on Github. It uses a reverse-linked list as a novel solution to move and keep track of the snake.

Can't wait to do it again soon!

Conor Egan Chief Product Officer

Conor has been designing and building rich media experiences on the web for over a decade. He created multiple innovative content and experience managers for Yahoo, CNET and Thismoment.