Webinar: Empower Marketing Teams with Speed, Scale & Control

M.R. NEMETH / APRIL 16, 2016

[Update] The webinar is over. Watch the recording now:

When it comes to digital marketing and driving engagement, being able to adjust strategy with agility and focus is paramount to succeed in an ever more competitive realm. The internet has over 10 billion websites; getting seen and getting heard is increasingly fleeting. So why take the chance of missing out due to long development schedules, design delays, and marketing oversights? 

Marketers and designers are the champions of the digital world. Their minds are constantly in flux, bursting with brilliant ideas and aspirations, only to be flat-lined by legacy systems that were designed with developers in mind. Marketing teams have effectively hit the proverbial wall. Unable to adapt past their current methodology of rinse and repeat, they draw specs, order designs, wait for implementation; only to find that somewhere along the line the telephone broke amidst the chaos of crossed-signals and release delays. 

The challenge is more endemic than ostensibly defined, in a 2015 survey, Gartner** observed that, “33% of marketing budgets go to technology and 28% of that is spent on infrastructure.” This means that nearly a third of major marketing budgets is spent maintaining legacy systems that Marketers can’t use anyway: presenting an immediate drain on annual budgets, affecting forecasts, roadblocking initiatives, and keelhauling teams as they have to gut and retrain every time a system changes or a developer leaves. 

What teams need is an intuitive solution that empowers them to succeed, not a vestigial burden that limits their potential.

With Brandcast, teams can adapt to the changing webspace with precision and ease. What Marketers, Designers, and Executives need is the power to achieve their targets. Whether deploying responsive, trend-setting, digital content to the masses covering major events, or creating unique, inviting, and exhilarating web presences, Brandcast delivers with a code-free web platform.

Next week, April 20th at 11am,  Brandcast is hosting a Webinar entitled, “The Secret to High-Velocity Website Marketing.” There, we’ll go over the the 5 Drivers of Velocity, what they mean, and how they can help mold your team into high-velocity champions. [Update] The webinar is over. You can catch the video here.

 ​**Gartner Ebook On CMO Spend Survey, 2015-2016

M.R. Nemeth Digital Marketing Manager

With over a decade of experience in the realms of digital marketing, SEM, SEO, and web analytics, M.R. works with teams of all sizes to develop, manage, and execute internet marketing and optimization initiatives. He embraces data and empirical insights to design intuitive solutions to complex problems that modern marketers face every day.