How to Build Websites Faster


The product development department sends you the email you’ve been waiting for: "User testing was a success! Management has given the green light to move forward!"

As a marketing manager, you couldn't be more excited. After all, it was one of your suggestions that’s materialized into a new product. Now comes the time to communicate this to your target market. And although you are efficient at planning the strategy, thinking of the tactics and implementing the details—when it comes to the website, the headache sets in.0

Welcome to no man's land. You need to build and launch a new website just for this product. You need to publish content and distribute web materials. People need a place to learn about the new features and do their research before deciding to purchase. However, the uphill battle is just beginning, because now you have new challenges to to deal with; the IT Department. Nice people, yes, but always infinitely busy. They’ll help, of course, but you’ll likely get in queue.

Enter Brandcast.

With Brandcast you can skip the line. Marketers and designers can take direct control of their efforts and start dragging and dropping content from any live browser, anywhere in the world. With the click of a button the website is published—no development required.

Sounds simple, right? It is, and it’s exactly what Brandcast empowers you to do. Stunning websites built by designers and executed by marketers, weeks faster. This goes for all website; be it real estate listing sites, brand sites, landing pages, or any of a thousand other web initiatives.

But what is Brandcast?

Brandcast enables teams to create websites on demand. A revolutionary step forward in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for designing, creating, and publishing web content. It sits in the cloud: there is nothing to install on your end. You and your team are cooperatively involved in the project and can upload content, share, and each handle the specific facets everyone is responsible for. Designers and marketers can work in tandem - creating beautiful experiences. Teams are no longer siloed five phone calls and seven emails behind the web developer.

The interface is intuitive; you can drag the borders of the elements to enlarge, shrink, or move them. You don’t have to worry that "the column must measure 1/3 or 1/4 of total page width" or any such precise measurements; just drag the column to resize it and the text fits exactly as you want it (neither leaving a large white space beside an image nor grossly exceeding its height). But the best part is that after you play around with the layout, it is instantly responsive, working correctly on tablet and mobile phones. You are saving hours and hours of testing and adjusting to acclimate to the different screen sizes of handhelds, tablets, and smartphones.

Did I mention any code? No, because there is no code to write or edit. Brandcast takes care of all of it. It is a design driven, marketer oriented, intuitive platform that lets you focus on the content and format rather than on how to achieve it with HTML, CSS or jQuery.

By leveraging the power of Brandcast, product microsites and brand sites don’t need to wait to get started: they can be created simultaneously and weeks faster because you and your colleagues will be able to complete it on your own without having to interrupt IT and web engineers already busy and chaotic schedule. The benefits carry over beyond the scope of the initial project. When the second project comes, teams will be able to utilize assets and duplicate website features, augment images and text,and relaunch it.  Teams can even copy and paste entire sections across pages, or between websites. Amazing, but true. This was practically impossible with legacy platforms. Try achieving that in Wordpress or Drupal. If columns don't match, you are in trouble, not to mention that the websites may be using different drag and drop plugins (which are incompatible, of course).

Brandcast removes the aura of mysticism from website setup, too. It’s easy to point your domain to Brancast servers, empowering you and your team to design and launch several web properties, fast. Create the site, add users with different editing privileges, quickly load and format content, be it text, images, videos or forms.

Using Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools to track analytics and search metrics? Integrations hook directly into web utilities. Driving marketing automation with Hubspot, Marketo or Optimizely to measure, test and track marketing initiatives? Brandcast connects. Seamlessly sync your unique combination of web and marketing tools on one centralized platform. What previously required developers and miles of code is now an intuitive, visual, design lead process.

Microsites and landing pages have become a nightmare to coordinate. Content is scattered across emails, file servers, flash drives, etc. Brandcast removes that barrier and engages teams to contribute by uploading to a shared space. From there, previously siloed teams can drag and drop content into the media drawer. Others can draw from those resources and reuse images, videos, pdfs, and more in an enhanced cooperative project deployment.

Brandcast leverages Amazon Web Services’s powerful infrastructure to provide fast, scalable solutions for any web deployment. You can depend on having secure networks and enhanced bandwidth. Hosting and page management is cloud based and always available, giving unparalleled remote engagement to teams all over the world.

Finally, when all pieces of the puzzle are in place, you need to clearance and approval from stakeholders, before going live. This used to require dedicated IT staff modifying DNS records, creating subdomains, then editing the server configuration to handle these test subdomains. With Brandcast, one-click publishing and sharing features enable collaboration across organizations and agencies.

The paradigm shifts from IT centralized deployments to an agile, marketing lead initiative, putting designers and digital marketers in control. Myriad web technologies are condensed into one robust online service that relieves you from waiting for IT staff to help you. You can quickly setup a website, test, measure results, modify it again, copy, paste, duplicate. You are literally saving weeks in web development time, for every project. Not just for you, but for all team members involved.

M.R. Nemeth Digital Marketing Manager

With over a decade of experience in the realms of digital marketing, SEM, SEO, and web analytics, M.R. works with teams of all sizes to develop, manage, and execute internet marketing and optimization initiatives. He embraces data and empirical insights to design intuitive solutions to complex problems that modern marketers face every day.