New Funding for Brandcast: 
Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal


This morning we announced our biggest financing milestone to date: $13.9 million in Series A funding. This first institutional round was led by new investor Shasta Ventures, with support from Correlation Ventures, and participation from existing investor Marc Benioff, with whom we've been privileged to work with from the very beginning. Our investors share our enduring vision of making code-free websites — designed, deployed, and managed by non-technical users, a new enterprise standard.

Our recent wave of customer wins has helped validate our championing the “code-free movement” for enterprise. Indeed, we’ve brought in some amazing customers, including a number of highly recognized global brands. Check out the style-forward websites brought to life by creative teams at companies like Lowe’s, Colliers, and New York Fashion Week

From day one, we’ve been dedicated to the principle that marketers and creative professionals should be in control of their brands’ web presence, and now they can be. Molly Stauning at Lowe’s boasts that the Brandcast-powered allen+roth site, which she owns and controls, “has been the envy of many other groups at Lowe’s!” 

This is why I was excited to join Brandcast over 16 months ago — as an ex-CMO, it’s earthshaking to introduce a design-driven content marketing platform for non-technical users — built on the most advanced web technologies on the planet. 

And the market is enormous. Forrester has estimated there are 1 billion websites in the world, including an average of 268 sites per enterprise, with some at over 1,000 sites. We’ve run into customers with 10,000s of sites, built on a fragmented collection of antiquated platforms: a technology and marketing nightmare.

We help CMOs answer one of the questions that keeps them up at night:

“How do we design, launch and manage hundreds-to-thousands of websites, with ever fresher design, content and branding, without burdening IT?” 

We speak to designers and marketers daily, and they say their hands are tied when building websites that are dependent on developers. Whether microsites for promotions and campaigns, event and conference sites, product launch or brand sites, or digitized content such as white papers and sales proposals — every step in the marketing lifecycle can be turned into stunning web-based content, without continued dependence on IT. 

Brandcast allows you – the busy CMO, marketing team or creative, to avoid the broken workflow and creative missteps forced by yesterday’s developer-centric platforms. Whether you’re planning a major promotion for your new wearable device during the upcoming Olympics or launching a new self-driving car, you can count on your own creative team to fulfill their pressing marketing commitments, in record time, on Brandcast.  

In a nutshell, we’ve zeroed in on the specific creative needs of marketers and designers to help them engage with their customers throughout the marketing lifecycle, while freeing up IT resources for other pressing corporate priorities. You’ll be seeing some very powerful and exciting developments from us as we continue to enhance the Brandcast platform using this most recent round of funding. We’ll also continue to build our world-class engineering, design, and customer-facing functions to respond to the enthusiastic demand in the marketplace.

I’d like to thank our world-class Brandcast team members who work incredibly hard every day to create the most cutting-edge web platform on the planet, as well as our community of Brandcast users, who bring the platform to life every day by creating an infinite variety of stunning websites. We know we’re on the right track when we see our customers constantly inventing new use cases of their own for the platform. We look forward to sharing Brandcast with marketing and creative teams around the world in the months and years ahead.

Richard Yanowitch Chairman and CEO of Brandcast

Richard has an exceptional track record transforming early stage companies into category leaders, launching new technology platforms that generate tens-of-thousands of customers, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and result in the creation of multi-billion dollar enterprises.