Nobody Loves Sporks


Nobody loves sporks. We have an almost visceral dislike for using them. On paper they’re great; the stabiness of a fork and the scoopiness of a spoon in one simple tool! Why do we subject ourselves to all this redundant cutlery? The thing that makes the spork farcical is the inherent compromises that it represents. We like it when things are designed well and designed for a purpose. We’ll gladly line up a row of sterling soldiers on our table to get the satisfying slurp of a spoonful of soup or to twist up a tangle of pasta with our fork.

Ready-made CMS platforms suffer from the selfsame problem that does our poor spork. They try to be everything to everybody and by doing so end up satisfying nobody. Teams end up paying for way more features than they need to get their job done.  Brandcast is purpose built for designing on the web quickly and beautifully. Every decision that has gone into the product is in service of putting immaculate web design at your fingertips. The internet is by nature a visual medium and it makes sense to create for it using a visual tool. The days of using forms to design websites are over.

Web pages are living, breathing, squishy things. They can be found on mobile phones, billboards, laptops and the back of airplane seats. They need to be ready to respond to any device on any connection and always look amazing. Pages built using Brandcast flow across these devices effortlessly. Our grid-based design tools mean that you can design once and know that your content will respond beautifully no matter where it is consumed.

When it comes to really differentiating yourself on the web, details matter. Things like typography and precision layouts used to be the domain of print media. Now as the web becomes more and more the primary place that content is ingested, these same demands have moved online. This is why Brandcast has implemented precise typography controls and gives you access to the types of design capabilities that have only been found in high end creative software. Templates are a cheap and quick way to have your site look like everybody else’s, so we give you the freedom to create whatever design suits you and your brand.

Webpages are built out of code and because of that webpage building software has traditionally been in service of developers, not designers. Your customers don’t see code when they come to a website, they see the expression of your ideas. The paradigm has shifted: designers are no longer beholden to the code that powers a site, but instead the code needs to keep up with the needs of the designers. Your developers have better things to do than tweak pixels and slow down your iterations.

You would not take a spork to a fine restaurant. You would not tailor a suit using the scissors from a Swiss Army knife. When it comes to creating something beautiful, you need the correct tools built specifically for the job. Brandcast is the tool for designing for the web. Our focus allows every decision and every interaction to be in service of this goal and when something is built well and built for a purpose, you can feel it.

Conor Egan Chief Product Officer

Conor has been designing and building rich media experiences on the web for over a decade. He created multiple innovative content and experience managers for Yahoo, CNET and Thismoment.