Web Creation, Evolved


Acheulean handaxes are a fascinating remnant of human’s early forays into tool making. They were painstakingly chipped from a solid piece of stone until shaped into a crude tool; one false chip and the axe could be ruined.  Improving these tools required starting over with a new stone to attempt a new design, each stone fraught with the risk of failure.  As primitive as this seems, many digital marketers are employing the same process today.

Many marketing teams still plan their digital experiences with no idea of how they will eventually be implemented.  They meticulously craft their designs, intended message, and their target market.  They're excited to launch their campaign, but reality sets in and they have to stop and look for a developer or agency to continue, causing terrible lag time. Each time a new technology is selected, each with its own trade-offs, and the marketer has to hope that their intent is intact by the end.  When it's done, the site is delivered with its structures, workflows, and ability to make substantial updates as set as the stone tools of our past.

This issue is compounded when it's time for the next project. Often times the learnings and efforts from the previous project are lost as a new technology or agency is selected and the process begins all over again. Work is very hard to reuse and the team is forced to learn another platform as well as accept a new set of trade-offs and risks. They in essence grab a raw stone and start over. 

Nowadays we understand the need to be smarter. A modern marketer needs to regain control of the medium in which their stories are told.  They need to be able to rapidly prototype, reuse and iterate upon their ideas.  Web development is simply too slow for the needs of today’s marketer.  This is the foundation on which we built Brandcast.  Rather than chipping away bit by bit through the traditional web development model, your designs can be fluidly executed, honed, and reused without ever having to start from scratch or write a line of code.

These questions can help you identify if you are still in the marketing stone age:

  • If you had to launch a webpage by the end of the day, could you?
  • How many different platforms are in use in your web presence today?
  • Can you see the performance of all of your web properties on a single dashboard?
  • How much of your websites can you change without development help?
  • Do you currently control all the resources you need to get a new digital experience off the ground?​

It’s surprising how much today’s marketers are still beholden to the deliberate and lithic process offered by legacy, IT-focused web technologies.  They’re still tossing stones over the wall, hoping the result is what they intended and dreading starting over when they need another.  Today’s demanding consumers will be won by those that can react the most quickly and iterate in days, not weeks or months.  A truly design-focused, code-free web platform like Brandcast is the tool that marketers need to regain control of their message and evolve out of the web’s stone age.

Conor Egan Chief Product Officer

Conor has been designing and building rich media experiences on the web for over a decade. He created multiple innovative content and experience managers for Yahoo, CNET and Thismoment.