Why Time & Money Are Becoming Irrelevant to Launching a Website


Since our last website launch over a year ago, the Brandcast brand and messaging have evolved. Common to brands worldwide, our team set out on the well-trodden journey of refreshing our brand look & feel and rolling it out across all our touchpoints.

Our main objective from a design standpoint was to create a new visual system that established a tighter link between our marketing and product. With the website being our most visible and important touchpoint, it naturally made sense to start there.

brandcast.com homepage

Website refreshes are notoriously daunting – it’s rare they progress without issue, conflict, or disagreement. The various stakeholders in this process all have different, and sometimes opposing, objectives. This often creates an overly laborious and painful process. There’s a lot of money and time at stake, and everyone wants to make sure these resources are being used correctly (from their point-of-view). But, what if business variables such as these – time and money – didn’t always dominate the conversation? What if you could make them less weighty?

Our team decidedly pushed those variables aside and instead focused on what mattered – the creative. We wanted to go live in a few short weeks with new messaging, copy, and a fresh look and feel. It was a very tight timeline and we had a completely blank slate to fill– and yet, the team felt no pressure.

Instead, we reframed our relationship with time so that the “looming deadline” was no longer a threat. We knew this was possible given the nature of the Brandcast platform. By doing away with the development phase, we freed ourselves from the pressure of strict scheduling. We were able to design up to the last minute and go live with phased iterations, creating a much more fluid, natural workflow that made all the stakeholders equally happy.

Development is a big, expensive endeavor. It’s like getting married – it costs a lot and it’s a serious commitment. At the point when development begins, the team is committing that this creative is the final creative. But we all know that’s rarely the case. Despite our best scheduling efforts, things often don’t go exactly as planned. For some reason, once a design is actually in the browser, just about to go live, people see things they never saw before. They have ideas that they didn’t think of last week. They feel less sure about their messaging choices and want to make last minute edits. It’s just the way it is. Brandcast can’t change human behavior, but we can provide a platform that’s designed to work with you, not against you. Brandcast was designed with humans in mind – something that traditional website platforms seems to ignore.

Website Creation Timeline:

Collaboration is key with any team project, and our new website was no different. As I mentioned earlier, stakeholders all have their own particular objectives when it comes to such projects. So, increased communication and early participation become a lubricant to propelling the process forward, faster. Our marketing, copywriting, design, and executive teams all had to communicate efficiently to meet our go live date. With the Brandcast platform, we were able to prototype designs within days, easily share them with the team for quick feedback, and significantly expedite the process.

The key to launching a great website is to make the design process as hurdle-free as possible for your creative team. Creativity is not an infinite resource, and removing any barriers that will stunt its process is important. By improving communication and removing the pressure of development lead times, our creative team was able to put more energy and heart into the design work. Your web design platform should fuel your creativity, not get in the way of your ideas. In this instance, Brandcast is what made our website redesign the smoothest, and most enjoyable, of my career.

Ashley Rocha Creative Director

Ashley specializes in building brands through strategy, design and storytelling. Over the years, she has worked with brands big and small, at agencies large and boutique. She prides herself on making things that are smart...and pretty.