Transform Your Team into High-Velocity Marketing Champions


What would it be like if your marketers were in total control of your marketing websites?

In an ideal world, your marketers could easily manifest their great ideas by designing, launching, and updating any number of marketing websites at will. With such direct control, they could accelerate your marketing calendar with the type of hyper-fresh content that will drive customer engagement for your business. It sounds ideal, but is it possible?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, the ability to directly control the speed and scale of your company’s web properties is a key component to high-velocity marketing. To ramp up to an ideal pace for your organization, take a good look at your team’s tools and processes. Do they support speed or do they slow you down? Are your marketers and designers well equipped to deliver high-performance results? If your answer is no, then maybe your team’s web marketing “engine” needs an overhaul.

If you’re like most enterprises, your brand’s portfolio of websites is supported by legacy platforms and processes that were not designed for marketers. They are expensive, cumbersome, and slow to deploy updates. They require custom programming at every turn—which means long lead times with already burdened development teams. Digital assets aren’t reusable or easily accessible. Your team knows all too well that nothing kills a good idea faster than an overloaded IT roadmap.

At Brandcast, we’ve identified five core drivers that will transform your marketers and designers into high-velocity marketing champions.

  • Marketing Control – empower your team to fully manage the end-to-end lifecycle of all their web initiatives
  • Scalability – ensure the ability to easily scale up (or down) the breadth and depth of your entire web presence
  • Real-Time Publishing – keep pace with your business and customer demand by producing new digital experiences quickly and frequently
  • Design Freedom – allow your designers to create, experiment, and ultimately execute their best ideas to truly differentiate your brand
  • Amplified Engagement – create new engagement opportunities by turning static content into living websites that capture leads and insights

All of these drivers can be found in a modern website platform that integrates design tools, workflow enablers, self-publishing capabilities, and centralized asset storage. By using one unified platform to design, build, and manage any and all of your brand’s websites, your team will be set up for high-velocity marketing performance.

Want to learn more about how a website platform can empower your team? Read our new white paper: The Secret To High-Velocity Website Marketing: How A Modern Website Platform Can Set Your Team Up For Speed

Ursula Ayrout VP of Marketing

With 18 years of marketing experience, Ursula works with fast-growth startups and established brands to supercharge their marketing efforts, including: marketing strategy, messaging and positioning, demand generation programs, content development, launching companies out of stealth and building marketing processes that help accelerate growth.

Whitepaper: The Secret to High-Velocity Website Marketing

How a modern website platform can set up your team for speed.