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5 Property Listing Website Must-Haves

January 1, 2017

A common use-case for the Brandcast platform is building single property real estate websites, both commercial and residential. These sites are a fantastic way to showcase marquee properties for marketing and lead generation purposes.

Follow these 5 single property website tips to separate yourself from the competition, and win business like never before.

#1. Invest in High-Quality Photos and Photography

Photography acts as your first impression on a single property website, and serves as an anchor for all your print, social, and digital marketing.  

Professional photographers can turn your property into a beautiful composition, capture essential building details, and transform uninteresting properties into attractive ones.

Whether you have a beautiful Class A office building or an unappealing lower Class B industrial space, professional photos can provide impact across all your marketing touch points.

Citrus Heights uses custom, professional photography to highlight their portfolio of beautiful properties. 

#2. Strong Copy and Calls-To-Action

Many listings have thin, generic, uninspired property descriptions. They’re on, found at the end of search results with no interested buyers or tenants in months.

A lot of commercial real estate professionals provide listings with a general overview. However, with a rise in diminishing attention spans, it’s important to craft a well-thought-out description to hook interest quickly. For your marquee properties, you may consider hiring a freelance copywriter; for all others, have multiple people read-through for edits and additions to make strong copy.

Single property websites are meant to tell a story, to take a visitor through a journey. Use strong calls-to-action like, "learn more," "explore," "find nearby," "inquire," and "click here" to promote visitor interaction and tell your property’s story.

About 150-200 words is an ideal property description, and here are a few key elements to cover:

- What type of property is it?

- Where is it located?

- Who is it for?

- What benefits would the buyer enjoy?

- What tenants are already there?

- Are there any recent upgrades?

- What is accessibility / transportation like?

- What is the local area like and how does this influence the buyer?

- What is the history of the building or area?

Traverse City Hotels uses strong copy paired with great design to speak directly to their target audience. 

#3. Highlight Differentiators 

What makes your property special?

Why should anyone choose your property and not a competitor’s?

Provide clear, compelling advantages and make sure it is relevant to your audience. If you are targeting millennials in a high-tech market, then focus more on building amenities and relevant local area amenities than technical building specifications.

It is important to spell out descriptive qualities that makes your property stand out. Strong adjectives such as, "fully flexible," "excellent signage," "prompt customer service," "abundant parking," "superior access," "extensive onsite amenities," are helpful in this regard.

This listing in Milwaukee employs a liberal use of adjectives to engage prospects.

#4. Embrace Modern Marketing Technology

A compelling website always starts with great content, and consumer’s constant demands for fresh content necessitate an evolution in the ways we market properties.

So, it’s time to move past static experiences and embrace new technologies to easily add to your single property website.

Here are a few of innovative strategies:

Drone Footage – Whether you make the investment to buy your own, or hire a freelancer, drone footage is the new golden standard in single property marketing for property and area overviews.

3D Modeling & Virtual Tours – Virtual tours have been around a while, but not with the ease and sophistication afforded by modern technologies. Companies like Matterport make affordable pieces of tech, and even iPhone apps, that allow you to easily create incredible 3D models and virtual tours.

Social Shares – Expand your marketing reach by adding simple, yet powerful, social share widgets to your website.  We like AddThis which adds functionality to how you can promote your single property website across your social channels.

The Axis San Jose website takes advantage of drone videos to showcase its incredible architecture and location. 

#5. Easy Lead Collection

In the end, single property websites are about one thing – lead generation.  In fact, the focus of this article has really been the elements and strategies to do just that: have people inquire about the property via the website and enter into your pipeline.

Nurturing that pipeline from inception to close requires marketing activity that moves beyond your single property website; so, it’s essential your website integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, Marketing Automation, and Analytics resources.  

Lead information not flowing through all internal systems will inevitably lead to error and missed opportunity.

Colliers International's GIO Report uses a simple form capture to generate leads and build pipeline.