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Food + Beverage

Replacing Wordpress.

Clearly Kombucha,​ a Molson Coors subsidiary, needed to move faster. Replacing WordPress with Brandcast allowed them to bring all of their web development in-house, increasing their speed to market while reducing costs. ​

Corporate Website

Creating a content engine.

Global Hotel Alliance​ needs to quickly create high quality digital content to drive bookings for its 35 hotel brands. Brandcast allowed them to streamline production of custom landing pages and websites for new marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Website
Commercial real estate

Content excellence. At global scale.

Colliers International, a commercial real estate leader, fuels their business with digital content. Building a system of customizable templates on Brandcast empowered them to meet the content needs of over 40 global offices.

Market Report
Design agency

Storyboard it. You’re done.

Cranking out content for the internet became a game of catchup for The Craftsman Agency.​ Now they can do in days what used to take months—and refocus on creative work.

Corporate Site

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Clearly Kombucha

Brand website


Loyalty website

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