Case Study

How a leading commercial mortgage firm scaled its digital production to over 800 websites while increasing speed to market 13X






Increased Speed to Market

Executive summary

Berkadia is the largest non-bank commercial mortgage server in the nation, offering a robust suite of services to multifamily and commercial property clients. With 61 offices nationwide, Berkadia maintains a large and distributed web presence, including websites and landing pages for its many property listings.

Berkadia built their own content management system to produce individual property websites, all developed from a single template hardcoded with Berkadia branding. More than just looking outdated, these websites weren’t mobile-responsive and didn’t provide Berkadia’s customers with the kind of experience they had come to expect. They also prevented Berkadia from creating websites branded with property or partner designs.

Worse, the websites were expensive and time consuming to work with, requiring involvement from eight developers to edit and publish. This prevented Berkadia’s project managers from owning their own websites as well as limited the kinds of websites they could create. These bottlenecks pushed back launch dates and generated exorbitant development costs.

The Solution

Brandcast offered Berkadia a comprehensive website solution that would both allow for quick, code-free development of new websites while also empowering their team to utilize engaging, modern website designs.

The Brandcast team worked with over 35 project managers at Berkadia to develop seven website templates based on Berkadia’s highest value and highest volume website needs, including individual property listing pages and portfolio website designs. Two of these templates used Berkadia’s own branding, while the other five were designed to be further customized to include branding from individual properties or external partners.

Using Brandcast's simple visual interface, Berkadia users could quickly repurpose the templates and stand up as many new websites as needed. Instead of charging by the individual website, Brandcast’s subscription model allowed Berkadia to scale their web presence indefinitely, without limits on number of sites or hosting.

The results

Since launching Brandcast, Berkadia has launched over 800 property websites. With over 130 users in multiple countries, different Berkadia offices are quickly able to launch new websites without waiting on developers.

Whereas before Brandcast launching a new property website could take over a week, Berkadia’s team of project managers, with the help of their design team, are now able to launch two new property websites every day, a 13X increase in development time. One such property website built on Brandcast helped Berkadia close the biggest deal in company history: the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

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