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Case Study

Four Tens Digital

How a growing digital marketing agency leverages Brandcast to expand their business.

Executive Summary

After years in the corporate world developing digital marketing programs and websites, Four Tens Digital​ founder, Drew Smith was ready to strike out on his own. Partnering with his co-Founder, Chelsea Corarito, the two launched their own agency in 2018.

Four Tens provides a range of marketing consulting services across the digital spectrum, including​ marketing automation, demand generation, sales enablement, and content development.

Both founders quickly realized Brandcast would be a core asset in their digital agency toolbox and worked to become certified on the platform. Brandcast would provide Four Tens with a means to bring cutting edge technology to clients​ and provide themselves with a tool that would greatly reduce the time it normally takes to complete website projects.​ This certification became a key part of becoming a Brandcast partner.

Four Tens has since expanded their client base through referrals from Brandcast,​ while introducing their clients to the Brandcast platform as an alternative CMS system.

The challenge

Building a new client base as a young marketing agency is tough. Outside of personal and professional networks, agencies are competing in a tight market with a lot of similar businesses. Many of which have very talented people on staff and, in many cases, far greater financial resources.

Some of the challenges facing Four Tens included:

  • Identifying products and platforms to focus upon which to build their expertise
  • Selecting a platform that would accelerate their ability to deliver high-quality, finished projects
  • A tool that is designer friendly and doesn’t require a web developer to build out the front-end framework
  • Choosing a tool that would be easy for clients to use once projects are completed
  • Working with a partner that would refer business to help Four Tens grow

The solution

The Four Tens team quickly realized that Brandcast is a disruptor in the content management and design space. They speed up time to market and allow nearly infinite possiblities for site creation.

Four Tens found themselves building beautiful websites for their clients and feeling comfortable handing the maintenance of those sites over to the client’s internal team, without fear of damage to the sites. This was in large part due to the simplicity and usability of Brandcast’s tools.

Four Tens earned their Agency Partner Certification​ on the Brandcast platform and started contributing to the product community, making product enhancement requests, and giving feedback to the customer success and development teams.

“Brandcast makes it simple and fast to construct website designs from scratch or from templates. Whether we’re working with a client that already has a template or from the ground up, Brandcast gives us the flexibility and tools we need to succeed.”

—Chelsea Corarito, Co-Founder, Four Tens Digital

The results

Four Tens has worked with Brandcast customers to develop and launch new corporate websites, market research portals, and microsites for real estate​ property marketing.

They also took advantage of their partnership with the platform to develop and host their own agency website on Brandcast here.

Four Tens explored many of the interactive design elements in Brandcast—such as embedding video, parallax design, and on-page animations and transitions. They loved how easy it was to get motion on their own website.

Built on Brandcast

Partnering with Brandcast has increased Four Tens Digital’s referral revenue and increased their brand awareness.

Check out two sites Four Tens built on Brandcast below.

Four Tens Digital

Company website

Q3-Q4 2019 Guide

Client website
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