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Case study

Clearly Kombucha

Why a wellness beverage company brought website production in-house.

Executive Summary

Clearly Kombucha, a subsidiary of Molson Coors Beverage Company, had a website that was built by multiple agencies over its 10-year lifespan,​ incurring custom code and technical debt that was hard to manage around.

Multiple service providers built the website with custom code that soon became misaligned and difficult to manage, costing Clearly Kombucha both time and money. They had to rely on developers to make even small updates.

The Brandcast platform enables Clearly Kombucha to be agile, make important changes fast, without a designer or developer, saving them money and increasing their speed-to-market.

The challenge

Founded in 2009, Clearly Kombucha produces and distributes kombucha beverages made with organic ingredients. The company set out to create healthy beverages that tasted good and reflected their fun, relaxed brand.

In 2018, responding to growing consumer demand for non-alcoholic, natural beverages, Clearly Kombucha was acquired by Molson Coors Beverage Company and integrated into its larger distribution network.

Clearly Kombucha’s website played a central role in marketing its products to consumers, retailers, and wholesale distributors.

Built on WordPress, multiple agencies over the years had managed the website, each adding new plugins and custom code until the website became overly difficult to manage.

“Even doing simple things like adding a formatted press release or a drink recipe was very difficult because formatting and designs were not easily enabled by some of the WordPress plugins we were using,” says Michael Clara, Director of Strategic Programs & Marketing at Clearly Kombucha. This meant that Clearly Kombucha needed web developers at outside agencies to make even small updates to the website, accruing additional costs and slowing the velocity of marketing programs.

The solution

Clearly Kombucha needed a more intuitive website platform that would allow them to make more frequent updates to their website quickly without relying on external resources. They especially wanted to be able to update live webpages and content for the many marketing events they sponsored or attended, as well as add custom features such as a store locator so customers could find places to purchase Clearly Kombucha’s products.

Brandcast offered Clearly Kombucha an agile way to quickly repurpose web content without waiting for custom development from outside agencies.

Updates that would have taken days could be made in a few minutes all in-house.

The Brandcast team worked with Clearly Kombucha to migrate their site from WordPress, creating a seamless experience for visitors. “One of the things that has really impressed me about Brandcast has been the people I’ve interacted with,” says Michael. “They’ve all been extremely helpful and proactive. I felt very well supported in our transition from WordPress.”

“I would certainly recommend Brandcast. Being able to make quick site changes ourselves was really important to us, and greatly reduced the cost of administering our own website.”

—Michael Clara, Director of Strategic Programs & Marketing at Clearly Kombucha

The results

With Brandcast, Clearly Kombucha was able to simplify the technical dependencies of their website, standardizing on a centralized platform that the whole team could quickly and easily work inside.

In addition to making management of the website a faster and more iterative process, Brandcast also improved the speed and performance of Clearly Kombucha’s website,​ speeding up load times of pages without being bogged down by slow, legacy code.

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