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Colliers International

How Colliers delivers content excellence across hundreds of global offices.

Executive Summary

Colliers is a global commercial real estate company​ with over 17,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 68 countries around the world.

As a worldwide brand, Colliers has hundreds of regional offices​ that frequently need to publish and update property listing websites, branch websites, and digital marketing and sales collateral. Additionally, all these digital assets need to maintain a consistent brand identity with premium design standards that Colliers customers have come to recognize and expect.

With Brandcast, Colliers is able to launch an unlimited number of property websites and other digital assets,​ empowering regional offices to maintain their own online presence by launching and editing premium designed web-based experiences entirely in-house without code.

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The challenge

As a global commercial real estate company, Colliers maintains an extensive digital portfolio. From its primary website, to individual websites for each of its regional offices, to individual listing websites for thousands of properties for sale or lease all over the world, Colliers is constantly launching and maintaining countless web properties across multiple platforms.

Like many large companies, Colliers was challenged to identify local resources to maintain existing digital properties and maintain brand consistency across all of their websites.

Regional offices that maintained their own digital properties were largely dependent on teams of developers to make even small revisions to their websites and property listing pages. Small changes to a website’s copy or images proved both expensive and time-intensive.

Since each office was in charge of their own websites, Colliers struggled to maintain any kind of brand consistency. Different website platforms, designers, and development resources meant regional offices could make their own design decisions, often in contrast with established brand guidelines.

The solution

Brandcast offered Colliers a code-free alternative that their marketing teams across different offices could use to create and publish websites and property listings, allowing for rapid, brand-controlled web development without costly development fees or slow launch times. With Brandcast’s simple visual interface, Colliers’ internal team of designers and marketers are able to design custom web experiences from scratch.

They can also curate a growing collection of templates that allow non-designers to quickly repurpose designs for new projects.

Brandcast’s global style controls​ also ensure that new websites adhere to Colliers’ style guidelines, keeping regional offices and individual users on brand and on message.

“Enabling our field to better position local teams and Colliers professionals through sophisticated web experiences is a key goal. Colliers is excited to partner with Brandcast to bring industry leading web technology to Colliers.”

—Paul Booth, Global Director of Marketing Technology at Colliers International

The results

Brandcast is now used in more than 55 Colliers offices all over the world. To date, Colliers teams have built over 450 sites, using templates that help preserve their brand identity while offering a centralized collaborative platform​ to maintain and launch websites.

Thanks to Brandcast, Colliers​ is now able to launch much more than just team websites and individual listing pages.

Now Colliers also uses Brandcast to publish web-based marketing content like market research reports, giving customers an entirely new way of engaging online.

Brandcast’s Customer Success team has supported Colliers through on-site trainings​ to regional offices all over the world, custom-built templates​ approved by Colliers’ corporate offices, and a dedicated website with product resources, tutorials, and more.

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