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Case study

Global Hotel Alliance

The world’s biggest organization for independent hotel brands changes the game in lead generation.

Executive Summary

The world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands was relying on an external web agency to hard-code landing pages​ for the global marketing and communications team.

The process was time-consuming and expensive, so they sought to find a technology that provided a more efficient way to build and manage landing pages and microsites for new marketing campaigns.

Brandcast allowed the marketing team to be self-sufficient​ and create these landing pages and microsites faster and with a significant cost savings.

The challenge

Global Hotel Alliance​ is the world’s largest collection of upscale and luxury hotel brands from across the world. Following the airline alliance model, they created a shared technology platform for its member brands, and operate a multi-brand loyalty program called DISCOVERY. The program has over 16 million members and produces over $1.7B in room revenue for their 35+ brands.

The globally dispersed marketing team was having trouble keeping up with the demands of constantly bringing on new hotel brands. They relied on an external web agency to hard-code landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Global Hotel Alliance’s marketing team would first mock up the landing pages and microsites, and then send them over to their e-commerce team to assess, who would finally hand them over to the external web agency for implementation.

Due to a challenging workflow, it would routinely take several weeks or more to get an initial draft back, which in turn would often need revisions. Overall, the workflow challenges would often lead to delayed timelines, which negatively affected the campaign’s ability to bring in new bookings which directly contributes to the company’s revenue.

The solution

Global Hotel Alliance was vetting technologies that would empower them to bring more work in-house and limit their reliance on third-party agencies​ and developers when they came across Brandcast.

 They were intrigued by the possibility of their marketing team being able to create and manage web projects without any dependency on developers.

 The cloud-based platform was also appealing since their team is globally distributed, so being able to collaborate from anywhere was vital.

The impact was immediate—their small marketing team leveraged Brandcast’s template and content block libraries to build new landing pages within five days of adoption.

Their marketers were able to bring web development work in-house to save budget and gain more control​ over brand integrity and user experience.

“Using Brandcast has empowered our marketing organization to become more agile and perform at a higher level. By utilizing a technology that allows us to own the end-to-end production of web content, we’re able to increase both campaign velocity and effectiveness.”

—Matt Lloyd, Director of Marketing Communications at Global Hotel Alliance

The results

Since adopting Brandcast, Global Hotel Alliance has transformed their marketing strategy and process.

 Instead of taking weeks for simple website edits and months for new page templates, they’re able to rapidly produce world-class campaigns​ by building high quality landing pages at unprecedented speed, improving customer experience and client support.

Perhaps most significantly, the marketing team has been able to pivot from primarily living in a reactive state to a forward-thinking one.

 Instead of wasting the time, money, and energy it used to take to produce web content for newly onboarded brands, they can focus their efforts on scaling personalization in order to increase conversion rates which increases revenue, and adding more brands to the alliance to grow the overall business.

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