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Case Study

Global Nomads Group

How Global Nomads Group tripled their conversions and connected young people worldwide with technology

Executive Summary

Hosted by Global Nomads Group, “Seat at the Table” is an open conversation among young people around the world.​ An international organization devoted to fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth, Nomads gives young people the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.

In the late 1990s, Global Nomad Group recognized that the first generation of digital natives was going to be very different from anything we’ve seen before.

Since Nomads already used Brandcast for their primary site, they decided to host the landing page for “Seat at the Table” on the now-familiar platform.

The challenge

Global Nomads’ overarching aim is to foster dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. Having developed a range of online, project-based learning programs for young people aged 12 to 18 over the years, Global Nomads Group already knew their audience. And their audience was already familiar with them through such programs as Student to World, Campfire, and Collaborating Classrooms.

Knowing that Gen Z spends more time on their mobiles than on TV or even laptops, Global Nomads use social media extensively to promote their programs. “Seat at the Table” invited students between the ages of 16 to 19 to hour-long, six-person video conversations. The new site was to be a landing page where they could sign up.

Appealing to Gen Z is challenging. They have grown up in a world of technology and are very adept at filtering out noise. They have unique buying patterns: they take just 8 seconds to decide if they want to connect with content (Fast Company); they demand a good mobile experience (McKinsey); they are drawn to social and environmental issues, and they think companies should support efforts to address those issues.

They are now 25% of the population and they’re entering the marketplace. Brands that want to engage Gen Z have to make authentic connections through digital media that foster a sense of connection with the brand’s values.

The solution

Global Nomad’s slow, hard-to-update, desktop website was not engaging Gen Z. What few visitors came, soon left. They replaced it with a mobile-responsive site built on Brandcast, allowing them to make changes and publish new content fast. This has allowed them to connect better with Gen Z by measuring what’s working and adapting to different signals in real-time.

The “Seat at the Table” website’s goal was to expand their community. Their strategy was to use a mix of social media and email marketing to drive Gen Z to a website to sign up for the conversation.

The results were immediate. After publishing the “Seat at the Table” website on Brandcast, Global Nomads Groups saw a 3× increase in the number of online applications they received. Since then, their online community has risen from a couple of hundred individuals to thousands of young people all over the world.

“It’s not just about the connection itself anymore. It’s also about the quality of these conversations technology allows us to have.”

—Abigail Finck, Associate Creative Director of Global Nomads Group

The results

Global Nomads’ new website has also had excellent results. They’ve seen a 4× increase in traffic, 3× increase in conversions, and 2× increase in contacts. “Seat at the Table” will only add to those numbers.

More importantly for the Group’s mission, Brandcast helps them to create meaningful digital experiences that engage and inform young people all over the world. It has opened the door to finding new ways to interact with Gen Z online.

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