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How a global furniture dealer and workplace innovator used Brandcast to create digital showrooms

Executive Summary

Global furniture dealer and workplace innovator Insidesource​ needed a way to make their proposals stand out from their competitors.

Their creative team was creating PDFs and slide decks that lacked critical functionality such as interactivity and mobile optimization.

With Brandcast, Insidesource is now creating digital showrooms​ and interactive content for each customer and prospect with Brandcast that allows them to gain insights on customer engagement.

The challenge

Insidesource is a global furniture dealer and workplace innovator. They help companies create spaces where people thrive at work. A challenge they faced was how to create proposals for their innovative workplace solutions in a format that fully captured the interest and imagination of their prospects.

The Insidesource creative team created offline documents such as PDFs and slide decks to build custom proposals for their clients. These formats fell short of their needs because:

• They were not interactive

• Did not render well on mobile devices

• Did not provide Insidesource with data and insights on customer engagement

• Were not editable after they sent them to the client

The solution

With Brandcast, Insidesource is now able to create unique websites and interactive content for each customer and prospect.

Brandcast’s code-free technology enables their creative team to design and launch websites quickly by removing any dependence on web development or coding.

“Brandcast has enabled Insidesource to transition more rapidly to a digital first approach for all our content. From creating immersive RFP responses and digital showroom environments, to more engaging event invitations, Brandcast has really helped us elevate our brand.”

—Anne Van Wagener, Brand Marketing Manager at Insidesource

The results

Instead of relying solely on PDFs, Insidesource is now able to send RFPs and project deliverables​ to prospects that are:

• Interactive

• Mobile-responsive

• Capable of providing data and analytics

• Able to be updated with a moment’s notice

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