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Pivot Interiors

Sales proposals built in Brandcast work smarter

Executive Summary

As an interior architecture firm, Pivot needed to have proposals that were innovative, highly visual, and engaging, not just to showcase their talents, but to stand out in a competitive field.

They were designing templates in Adobe InDesign, handing them off to the bid team, and letting sales deliver the static decks. Each proposal could take two to three weeks to prepare.

Brandcast stepped in to suggest making a fully immersive, highly visual website to showcase Pivot’s creative solutions in the proposal. Pivot landed the project, which became the largest project they’d ever done.

The challenge

Pivot Interiors is known for designing custom space solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Their designers take great pride in creating physical environments that improve well-being, inspire innovation, and improve employee performance.

Pivot guides clients towards a variety of environments, customized to their teams’ needs. Along the way, they partner with hugely talented architects and interior designers and work with some of the most innovative companies in the world.

With a small marketing team, they strive to communicate their vision and out-of-the-box thinking to prospective clients.

Selling Pivot’s vision takes a lot of visual materials, and gathering those into a cohesive layout in Adobe InDesign was a time-intensive process.

Despite the time and effort involved in producing these custom PDF proposals, Lisa Knowles, Pivot’s Creative manager, and Emily Gibson, their senior content strategist, felt the results still fell far short of the level of creativity they want to convey.

“We’re selling innovative solutions for clients, but the static PDF doesn’t present it in the most innovative way,” Lisa says. Emily added, “There’s not much room for an immersive experience, or an element of surprise.”

The solution

Most of the companies Pivot works with are made up of younger, tech-savvy workers who expect visual, engaging communication for a buying experience. The women went to Brandcast for a solution.

When the Brandcast team learned that Pivot was looking for a better way to create sales proposals, they were immediately inspired. “The account manager thought an interactive presentation was a great fit for us,” Lisa says. “He was so convinced that he wanted to build something for us to try out."

Brandcast worked with Pivot to execute on the wireframe for their proposal, and built the framework for them in Brandcast's cloud-based web design studio. The Brandcast design team then used Pivot's visual resources to create a highly engaging platform that showcased the creative solutions the proposal presented.

It paid off; the proposal helped Pivot win a landmark project, the biggest deal in the company’s history.

“Brandcast helped us win the largest project in our company’s history.”

—Lisa Knowles, Creative Manager with Pivot Interiors

The results

With Brandcast, Pivot’s team can build engaging, web-based sales proposals that reflect their innovative approach and help them win projects.

“Brandcast helped us show the client that we were thinking differently with their project,” says Lisa. “Brandcast helped us speak their language.”

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