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Case study

Reed’s, Inc.

How an innovative consumer packaged goods (CPG) company utilized web experiences as unique as their handcrafted beverages to improve their sales and marketing programs.

Executive Summary

Reed’s Inc wanted to create unique websites​ for their two leading natural beverage brands, Reed’s Ginger Beer and Virgil’s Natural Sodas, that captured the handcrafted spirit of the two brands

Reed’s needed a code-free website platform that they could collaboratively work in with their creative agency to create and continually update their websites

Their customized websites drive sales by connecting with their eCommerce platforms Shopify and Amazon,​ and give the internal teams the ability to update the sites themselves, saving time and money

The challenge

Established in 1989, Reed’s is America’s best-selling ginger beer brand​ and has been the leader and innovator in the ginger beer category for decades. They have a full line of products including Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Ginger Shots, and Ginger Candy.

Reed's Inc also owns the brand Virgil's, America's best-selling independent, full line of natural handcrafted sodas and zero sugar versions of classic flavors including Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Black Cherry, and Orange.

The Reed's Inc. portfolio is sold in over 30,000 retail doors nationwide. Both Reed’s and Virgil’s value a handcrafted approach in their ginger beer and line of craft sodas, and both required bespoke websites to reflect their unique identities.

A cookie-cutter, templated solution would not suit their handcrafted spirit of their brands.

Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Reed’s and Virgil’s brands share a small marketing team which manages the websites for both beverage lines. They don’t have developers or dedicated web designers on staff, and contracted a creative agency to help them design and build the brands’ individual websites. Ultimately, the Reed’s team wanted to be able to manage their own websites and not be reliant on the agency to make simple changes, such as editing text or swapping images.

The solution

Using Brandcast, the contracted agency was able to quickly build the Reed’s and Virgil’s product websites, creating a completely unique layout which espoused the handcrafted spirit of the two brands.

The agency was also able to easily embed functional components such as social widgets and store locators, as well connecting the sites to their eCommerce platforms, Shopify and Amazon. The sites feature vibrant, interactive visuals.

Using Brandcast’s new Content Editor,​ Reed’s in-house marketing team is now able to make edits directly to their sites, such as text editing and swapping out images.

This allows the team to make changes faster and be less dependent on their agencies.

The extended Reed’s team including contracted agencies are able to reuse the customized website templates and layouts that they built in Brandcast to rapidly launch new landing pages​ for new and experimental brands, such as Reed’s Chill, their line infused with Hemp extract and Flying Cauldron, a Butterscotch Beer.

“Brandcast has helped us create websites that capture the innovative spirit of our products. It has allowed us to effectively collaborate with our creative agency partners to activate and modify content as our brand and online experiences evolve.”

—Lindsay Martin, Vice President of Marketing at Reed’s Inc.

The results

Since launching the new Reed’s Ginger Beer and Virgil’s All-Natural Soda brand websites on Brandcast, the two beverage lines are thriving. They have improved their ability to drive online sales thanks to the ability to connect their eCommerce solutions and the Store Locator feature. They have connected their social media presence directly with their owned websites and increased the speed that they can launch new online promotions,​ improving brand equity.

Reed’s has also expanded its in-house design resources, which will allow them to reduce dependencies on outside agency resources, saving them time and money.

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