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How an innovative tech company joined the digital-first world

Executive Summary

zPaper grew from an automated fax app into an end-to-end document system that helps doctors track patient information. With clients and prospects finding them through Salesforce, that story wasn’t getting out. Having an old website didn’t help.

They started looking for a solution that would let them take control of their online presence and make better connections with buyers. They chose Brandcast because it not only builds websites, but also lets them create unlimited content.

With Brandcast, they can manage 50% of corporate site work and all remaining content in-house. Traffic to their site increased 900%, and tracking showed them people spent seven to ten minutes on the site.

The challenge

zPaper was founded with an ambitious mission: to bring disparate documents and processes together so that healthcare professionals had an end-to-end means of tracking the status and movement of patient information at all times.

This has been needed for a long time, and as remote care catches on it’s more important than ever to track the patient journey. Over time, zPaper added use cases and features to provide a comprehensive platform for managing documents, from receive and capture, to generate and send, to process and manage.

Meanwhile, publishing stories about their advanced services was far too hard in their old site. With a small marketing team that wasn’t able to make changes or add content, they couldn’t educate buyers on the solutions they offered. ​ They actually discouraged people from visiting their site.

Looking for a better way to publish, they identified three priorities for whatever technology they adopted: Establish a stronger online brand;​ create engaging story-telling experiences; and scale up​ their online presence for different initiatives and campaigns.

Additionally, they wanted to be able to measure the ways people engaged with their content to see what they respond to and power up sales efforts.

The solution

zPaper started creating their new corporate site right after they subscribed to Brandcast, working in tandem with their creative agency. “What used to take months to execute now takes a matter of days,” they told us.

In the short time since zPaper launched their new website, there’s been a 900% increase in traffic, ​ with more visitors converting online than ever before. Visitors are spending between seven and ten minutes on the new site, a sure sign that people are reading the content and learning more about zPaper’s services.

The bigger story is the how the new site accelerates the sales cycles with strategic accounts. Product demos to divisions within a company often result in adoption by other divisions.

Now the zPaper team is building sales proposal templates within Brandcast to send to prospects, as well as partner microsites to that engage directly with some of their top accounts and let them get more granular with their data.

“We’re using Brandcast to understand how clients, partners, and prospects are engaging with our content and where we need to shift and pivot our digital strategy.”

—Corey Washington, Senior Manager of Digital Programs at zPaper

The results

With Brandcast, zPaper was able to launch a new corporate site in record time without developers, and then go on to develop digital sales proposals and partner channel websites to close more deals faster.

The new materials, with better branding and messaging, have far more appeal for their enterprise customers by presenting a bigger image for zPaper with the same small staff. They feel they’re going to learn a lot from tracking the sites, and become very agile and tactical.

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