Designer Challenge

1st place wins $1,000
2nd place wins $500
3rd place wins $250

We will also showcase the top submissions at our official launch event at SXSW! 

Submit your website by March 6, 2017 

The code-free web design platform built for professional designers.

No code. No templates. Just freedom.

Challenge theme:

Why is design important?

This is vague for a reason. Design is personal, subjective and meant to be fun. Don’t be afraid to get weird! 

Judging criteria:

Overall: How well did you address the theme and execute your concept?

Design Elements: Did you explore creative ways of using typography, color and layouts with Brandcast’s native design features? 

Platform Competency: Did you explore some of our more advanced features (for example: blending modes, transitions, transforms and mobile optimization)?

How to enter:

Fill out the form below and hit "Submit." We are excited to see what you create in Brandcast!

All submissions must be a single page website (one page).

Submit your website by March 6, 2017. 



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Designers are talking.

“With Brandcast, I finally have full control over my website designs. I'll never have to pass art files to a developer and wonder what it's going to look like in the end.”

Leigh Maki, Senior Graphic Designer

“Brandcast eliminates so many parts of the website creation cycle. No other platform I've used has ever done that. Our creative and marketing teams can design and publish sites in a fraction of the time that we're used to.”

Lucy Barnes, Visual Designer

“I've become used to thinking in code before I design a website. Brandcast allows me to quickly design and build sites at the same time. Now I can take a more creative approach to web design and start having fun again.”

Mike Mehiel, Web Designer & Site Manager

“As beautiful as some templates are, it feels really inauthentic to use someone else’s design. I'd rather design a fully custom site that I can own 100%.”

Justin Hargraves, Creative Director