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Set up unique layouts. Drop in images, videos, text, and functionality. Publish. Edit at will. Get the flexibility you want and the control you need—code-free.

Brandcast Design Studio sets you free.

Grids that work

Structure your layouts using the grid element. In the Brandcast Design Studio,​ you have complete control to organize space, text, and images. Easily add or delete columns, adjust gutter spacing, or nest grids within other grids. Split or stack columns to create responsive layouts in a single click.

  • 12-column grid system
  • Add or delete columns
  • Adjustable column spacing
  • Fully-responsive
  • Easily stack or split grids
Grids organize space, text, and images. Grids provide clarity and add structure to any layout. In web design, grids are key to responsive layouts.
Put your type to work


Brandcast Design Studio​ has all the tools you need to create stunning and fully-responsive typography. Adjust type specs on individual pages or make adjustments to the entire website using the global styles palette.

Font Size
Flush Left
Center Align
Flush right

Font management

We know how important it is to use the specific fonts you want. Upload any font, or use Brandcast’s​ built-in integrations with Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, and Hoefler & Co. Explore as many fonts as you want in the design phase—only the fonts you use get published to the web.

  • Adobe Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Hoefler & Co.
  • Custom uploads
Our in-app font manager gives you access to thousands of fonts. Choose fonts from Adobe, Google, or Hoefler & Co. directly in our app. Or, upload your own.

Modern interactions

Create compelling animations and interactions, including drop-down or slide-out menus. You have complete control over their timing, delay, easing curve, and triggers. Brandcast makes it fun!

  • Multiple triggers
  • Toggle, turn-on, turn-off
  • Duration timing
  • Delay time
  • Easing curve

Responsive layouts

Keep your design looking good no matter what device it’s on. Brandcast​ makes it easy to generate responsive layouts. Adjust text sizes or styles, control size, padding, margins, and even color changes on multiple breakpoints. Hide or show elements from device to device.

  • Adjust any type specification
  • Adjust padding and margin
  • Adjust overall size of any element
  • Divide grids in half or stack them
  • Four device modes

Global styles

Brandcast​ makes taking control of all your website formats a breeze. Change global styles quickly and easily—for all devices—all in one place. Control fonts and colors, adjust paragraph styles, headings, links, quotes, and link lists on your entire site.

  • Update text styles site-wide
  • Adjust headings site-wide
  • Responsive design site-wide

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