Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brandcast?

Brandcast is the only code-free web platform that enables high-velocity marketing for the world’s leading brands. We put websites back in the hands of marketers and designers so they can easily deliver rich digital experiences.

What can Brandcast help me accomplish?

Brandcast is used to create and grow a company’s web presence—without relying on overburdened IT resources. The platform fuses design, technology, and marketing into one visually rich, collaborative workflow platform that helps teams keep their online content as fresh as their ideas. With Brandcast, marketers can quickly respond to consumers’ exponential demand for content and drive deeper engagement with their brand.

Who uses Brandcast?

Brandcast was built with many users in mind— the marketer who wants to build sites without relying on developers, the designer who doesn’t want to be restricted by templates, even the IT manager looking to reallocate their resources.   

How does Brandcast work?

Brandcast is a modern WSYWIG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) website platform. We give you complete control of your website from the layout and design to marketing automation, all at an unprecedented and unparalleled scale. That means you’re not locked into pre-built templates and input fields. If you can envision it, Brandcast can make it possible.

Why would I choose Brandcast over any other website building tool?

Brandcast stands apart from other platforms by providing a completely code-free design experience. Our intuitive UI and template free platform allows for unparalleled creative freedom. Easily replicable pages and sites revitalize your assets across platform, and every web page is 100% mobile ready and responsive. See full product features here

What are Brandcast’s SEO, social, and analytics features?

You’ll find a suite of advanced SEO features that allow you to control all the important Meta tag information contained on your site and pages across the Brandcast ecosystem. These range from page level canonicalization to sitemap generation and fine index control. From a single, intuitive portal, you can edit and adjust meta descriptions and page titles for any page created in Brandcast. We also integrate with an array of social features, such as AddThis, Twitter, Facebook, and more. For analytics, we incorporate directly with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and New Relic, as well as all of the major marketing automation services

Does Brandcast offer design help?

Yes! Brandcast offers robust design services packages. Using your assets, our design team will create a custom website that showcases your content and meets your marketing objectives. Once your site is completed, you’ll be able to easily swap out content to update and maintain your site, or duplicate sites for future use. Learn more here

When is the right time to start using Brandcast with my business?

Now! Brandcast is ready to go right out of the box (there is no box, only the cloud). We can provision your account within 24 hours of signing up and purchasing a license. If you’re looking to jumpstart your marketing efforts, then Brandcast is ready to help empower your teams.

Will Brandcast replace my website?

Brandcast can replace your website, but how you go about it is up to you and what challenges you’re trying to solve. Brandcast customers typically start by building landing pages and microsites on the platform, then main website replacements thereafter.

Can you use a custom domain with Brandcast?

Absolutely! Brandcast makes it easy to forward your A Record to point to Brandcast’s IP address through a simple integration. Keep in mind, you still need to register for your own custom domain via a domain name registrar. If you don’t have a custom domain, or If you’d prefer not to use it, you can build and publish to a subdomain at at no extra cost.

Does Brandcast host my website?

Brandcast provides a fully-managed cloud based hosting service to handle your website and all it’s related assets. There is no added charge, and no need to find an alternative service. This incredible value comes complete with the all of the security features you’d expect from a top tier provider.

If I start off with one plan, can I change to a different plan later?

You can always upgrade and add more pages to your license agreement at any time. Simply reach out to your account executive and we will provision your account accordingly.

Will I need any other tools or software to use Brandcast?

Brandcast is a fully featured website platform that will allow you to build and deploy websites fast. It comes complete with a text editor, an image re-sizer, advanced SEO tools and features, a page manager, a content drawer and more. The only other tools you might need are for image creation and analytics.

Does Brandcast offer a free trial?

At Brandcast, we want to offer our clients the best personal service possible. As a result, we cannot offer free trials at this time.

Does Brandcast have E-Commerce?

At this time, Brandcast does not offer an e-commerce integration.  However, you can seamlessly integrate with many of the most popular marketing automation and analytics tools (see integration page) with just a click!

Can I use Brandcast to publish pages to my existing site?

Sure, there are several ways to do this. The best way is to build on or migrate the entire site to Brandcast. This is the ultimate code-free solution that your team is looking for. Alternatively, you can publish pages to a site on your subdomain if you’d like, simply direct your A Record accordingly. If your site exists on another platform, you can embed an iFrame to pull pages directly from Brandcast.