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Make digital feel personal.

Deliver brand experiences that go beyond the everyday.

Deliver customized content at scale.

why brandcast?

One platform. Unlimited websites.

Brandcast’s code-free design studio allows you to rapidly create beautiful, custom websites so you can launch faster.


Design distributor website templates 3× faster than a traditional Personal Website Solution.


Realize unparalleled economies of scale as brands grow their distributor network.


Maintain complete governance of content and users from one central location.


Integrate websites with corporate CRM and eCommerce solutions for one seamless experience.

win more deals with trackable sales sites

Personalize your sales websites.

How sales teams use Brandcast

Design in Design Studio

Corporate design teams (or contracted agencies) utilize a powerful, code-free design studio to create landing page and microsite templates. Responsive templates are built with approved assets, assuring brand consistency across thousands of websites, on any device.

Customize in Content Studio

Content Studio provides an easy-to-use UI for marketing teams to customize pre-designed landing page and microsite templates for campaigns. Marketers are able to update text and media content with each hotel's approved branding, and embed their marketing automation tools.

Send via Salesforce Studio

Sales executives use pre-built proposal templates built within the Brandcast Design Studio to create and send customized, trackable proposals directly from Salesforce.


Templates + training are included

Connect better with your prospective buyers online by building custom websites for every need.

personalized training
dedicated onboarding manager
in-app live chat
tutorial videos
pre-recorded trainings
brandcast support center
dedicated customer success team

Our customer success experts will stay with you until you’re experts yourselves.

free with a subscription

Our professionally designed templates


Property Listing


Sales Proposal


Event Website
case studies

Customer success stories

Global Nomads Group

Youth Organization

Global Nomads Group, an international organization devoted to fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth, uses Brandcast to create meaningful digital experiences that engage and inform young people all over the world. Read more ‣

Global Hotel Alliance


Global Hotel Alliance, the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands, uses Brandcast to produce world class campaigns by building high quality landing pages at unprecedented speed without any technical dependencies, improving customer experience and client support. Read more ‣

The Craftsman Agency


The Craftsman Agency, an immersive design agency, uses Brandcast to create custom websites for client pitches that are authentic experiences in the same time it used to need to build a storyboard. Read more ‣






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