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My Brandcast

Elevate your brand with the visual CMS for enterprise.

Brandcast is an agile CMS designed for modern business success.

Build brand content

Increase collaboration

Deliver custom experiences

Centralized visual management

transparent technology

The My Brandcast​ dashboard is a visual content management system where you control all of your team’s content and design activity in one place.

[My Brandcast​ dashboard]
The components of the Brandcast Web Content System (Websites, Templates, and Blocks) are organized into modular sections that can be accessed seamlessly.

Stay on-brand

control your image

My Brandcast​ keeps you on-brand. When you build new design and content assets, your team uses consistent brand styles—including your logo, typography, and colors.

Increased agility

collaborative web production

By visually organizing all of your company’s brand assets, team members work together to leverage existing components and streamline web production.

Organization simplified

find all of your content easily

[My Brandcast video]
Keep track of all of your branded digital assets and components. Move quickly by easily replicating relevant layouts and reusing valuable collateral.

Activity insights

see who is driving results

My Brandcast​​ allows you to see how each brand component is being used across your organization. Real time team activity is displayed in a visual bar graph.

Enable your team

specific roles for distinct talents

Easily manage permissions for all of your team members. User roles allow administrators to determine the level of editing control for content and design components.

Personalize at scale

connect with your audience

My Brandcast​ allows you to customize content for specific business goals. Using visual, drag and drop tools, you will quickly build targeted, webified​ content for individual accounts, customers, profiles, and clients.

[Bespoke content at scale]
Speak to your audience with premium, personalized content for every sales and marketing touchpoint.

Instant publishing

skip the coding

Fuel your sales and marketing engine with new engaging digital experiences. Empower your creative teams with code-free tools and publish updates in seconds through our sound permission controls.

Serverless hosting

maximize speed + performance

My Brandcast hosting runs on a cloud-based, serverless architecture, backed by AWS and Fastly @edge. Your websites are powered by worldwide data centers that ensure optimal performance and speed.

The Brandcast Web Content System

Design Studio

for design teams

Content Studio

for marketing teams

Salesforce Studio

for sales teams

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