Create personalized sales websites directly from Salesforce data

The Brandcast for Salesforce app on AppExchange empowers marketing and sales teams to create, edit, and track personalized sales websites and content all within Salesforce.
Brandcast for Salesforce

Create, send, and track sales websites without ever leaving Salesforce

Send out all collateral as trackable websites and see engagement analytics all within Salesforce.

Measure engagement on all of your content

Integrate Marketing Cloud or Pardot forms and tracking codes with any Brandcast site to get a comprehensive view of your customer engagement

Create content that automatically pulls in your Salesforce data

Create custom, web experiences all with a few clicks in Salesforce - no coding required.

Get insights on all engagement with your content

See how your content's performing in real time with tracking from Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

Measure engagement on all of your content

Create stunning online content for your complete customer journey with integrated Marketing Cloud, or Pardot forms and tracking code, to get a comprehensive view of your customer engagement.
Case Study

How zPaper drives more engagement from target accounts using Brandcast

zPaper uses Brandcast to build engaging marketing websites and web-based sales proposals.

Create web-based sales content quickly with Brandcast's 100% customizable templates ​

All Brandcast subscriptions include unlimited access to all templates

Sales Proposals

Send your buyers personalized proposals and know what content they interact with.

ABM Landing Pages

Create personalized offers and promotions to buyers with Salesforce data.

Registration Pages

Capture your buyers' registration info and store it in your CRM.

Case Studies

Share customer stories with your buyers with individual link tracking.

Quarterly Business Reports

Create personalized customer reports with data from Salesforce.

Donor Reports

Report your donor's contributions with password protected websites.

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