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Discover the power of interactive sales collateral. Your prospects will love it. And you can track their interactions from cold call to closing.

Ditch static PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.

Interactive sales Collateral

Wow your prospects with personalized websites.

Pitch decks

Where you educate buyers about your business

Sales proposals

Where you sell to your customers

Case studies

Where you tell your customer stories

Web brochures

Where buyers can learn more about your products
Our Content Studio couldn’t be quicker or easier to use. Build from blocks and publish in a matter of minutes. Turn your sales collateral into trackable websites and see engagement analytics all within Salesforce.

Why web content for sales?


Get the
wow factor

go online

Replacing static, slow-loading PDFs with interactive content is a new idea. Adding videos, demos, or showrooms to presentations livens up the pitch like nothing else.


​ make the most of every project

Going forward, you may have fewer live meetings where you can develop personal bonds with customers. That makes lively, engaging presentations more important than ever.

Make prospects happy

for personalized outreach

Instead of having to scroll through slides to find what they need, customers can click a link and get right to it. They’ll appreciate your consideration.

Track every interaction

never fall out of date

Whether you’re observing reps or customers, you’ll be able to get real-time feedback from the field any time. That lets you refine messaging and improve coaching fast.

“For sales and marketing teams, turning Salesforce into a CMS is a great way to improve productivity.”


Salesforce Studio

Brandcast Salesforce Studio is an integration that allows a Salesforce user to automatically create a personalized website directly from a Salesforce Account or Opportunity record. The personalized website will pull content and data from Salesforce to create a personalized experience. All websites created from Salesforce can be updated in real-time and are automatically equipped with tracking metrics that allow a Salesforce user to see engagement activity directly from Salesforce.

  • fully-automatic
  • 100% personalized
  • updated in real time
  • includes tracking metrics
Turn your sales collateral into trackable websites and see engagement analytics all within Salesforce.
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