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Our collection of professionally designed templates for mobile-ready websites, landing pages, and sales collateral, are all free with a Brandcast subscription. Swap out your own images, text, logos, and theme colors to customize them—and use as many as you want.

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Sales Proposal

Template 001-09-19 Consonance

Consonance​ is entirely web-based​ and mobile-responsive. No more sending PowerPoint presentations as attachments; now you can organize your presentation into a clickable, scrollable web experience that looks great on any device.

Property Listing

Template 002-09-19 Xervantes

Xervantes​ will drive visitors to your listings. Its sophisticated design​ and large image gallery bring properties to life to help realtors and brokers connect with buyers. Includes lead capture form, About Us section, and links to your social media presence.

Property Listing

Template 003-09-19 California

California​ is a listing website that speaks to luxury. Its layered interface and nuanced design express a lifestyle that will drive leads to Realtors’ and brokers’ door. Easily embed​ forms, maps, or calendars for a complete user experience.


Template 004-09-19 Mirabelle

Mirabelle​ turns your marketing content into a digital experience. With a click-through layout​ for multiple pages and sections and a mobile-responsive design, it tells your story clearly and simply.

Sales Proposal

Template 005-09-19 Matter

Matter​ makes proposals for prospective buyers, quarterly reports for investors, or appeals to nonprofit donors. Its single page layout​ looks great on any device and lets you organize your content into stackable panels like a slide show.


Template 006-09-19 New Directions

New Directions​ is a bright, appealing proposal template perfectly suited for your next pitch deck, quarterly business report, or donor outreach. Its multi-page layout gives users an easy and way to access your content on any device.

White Paper

Template 007-09-19 Paradigm

Paradigm​ is a versatile, customizable, Mobile-responsive template for white papers, case studies, gated content, and research reports. Its chapter-based navigation helps users find the information they need.

Case Study

Template 008-09-19 Reimagine

Reimagine​ is a bold, energetic chapter-based site for proposals, articles, or any full-length content. Readers can link to next chapters at the end of a section or click through ahead through a top-of-page menu.

Web Book

Template 009-09-19 Elevate

Elevate​ is a template for multi-chapter copy with a contents link that lets readers jump to what they need most. Color-block insets let you highlight key ideas or add background detail to build a strong case.

Look Book

Template 010-09-19 The Spade

The Spade​ is a look-book template for visual brands and products. Its colorful gallery navigation catches visitors’ eyes and drives them to image portfolios that end with a details page with a story about your offerings.

Landing Page

Template 011-09-19 Panorama

Panorama​ is a single-screen, mobile-responsive​ landing page that supports your marketing campaigns. Give visitors a great post-click experience with digital ads or a gateway to your marketing content.

Event Website

Template 012-09-19 Audium

Audium​ is an event website for pre- and post-event engagement. Increase registrations for your upcoming event and give guests a single source for speaker line-ups, social media feeds, and travel links.

Property Listing

Template 013-09-19 Valencia

Valencia​ is a sleek website for an apartment building, with space for everything Realtors and brokers need leads to see, from apartment types to local attractions. Black or white panels make the photography pop.


Template 014-09-19 Studio 81

Studio 81​ is a straightforward portfolio site with a grid of images visitors can click to see a case study. Once in, the nav adds a big “next” arrow to more cases. Simple design lets the work speak for itself.

Case Study

Template 015-09-19 Source

Source​ is a video-based​ template for customer case studies, research reports, and thought leadership content. Gate your video or drive viewers directly to it so they can watch it and get your story.

Sales Proposal

Template 016-09-19 Herald

Herald​ is an uncluttered, scrollable presentation for prospective customers, quarterly business reports, or donors. Its single page layout​ looks great on any device and lets you stack panels like slides.

Property Listing

Template 017-09-19 Avenita

Avenita​ is a high-end listing website​ template designed to create buyer demand. Large display photos with links to floor plans, amenities and neighborhood info bring future residents home.

Corporate Dot Com

Template 018-09-19 Capital

Capital​ is a four-section design for any kind of content. Big display photos alternate with black-on-white text blocks, which give you the option to embed more visuals. A links menu sits on top of the page.

Property Listing

Template 019-09-19 Foley & Co

Foley & Co​ is a scrollable site that lets you showcase properties in large display photos. Text pages alternate with clean, always-legible typography to explain the firm’s offerings, aims and goals.

Property Listing

Template 020-09-19 Colter

Colter​ is a scrollable, four-panel site with three top-of page menu links. Black and white panels alternate to keep the focus on photography, while ample text panels present easy-to-read typography.

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