“I was one of a select group of design firms to try out Brandcast, the new web design platform that is about to blow Squarespace and WordPress out of the water. After getting to test it out, I can confidently say that this is the future of web design.”

Kana livolsi co-founder & ceo at dos mundos creative

“As a global healthcare leader, it's critical that our online content is continuously updated and beautifully presented. The Brandcast Design Studio gives artistic control to our designers & partners so they can publish web pages and online content with the speed, simplicity, and sophistication we require.”

Martin Husar lead marketing innovation, sanofi

“Seeing a fluid tool like Brandcast gets me thinking about all of the ways our team could quickly prototype and implement single-purpose websites designed for a range of applications: landing pages, new business proposals, and as a facilitation tool in our strategy work.”


“We chose Brandcast to give our web designers creative control, increase predictability and cut time and costs so that we can remain competitive without sacrificing quality. Being able to design in-browser without code or templates is unlike any creative tool we've seen and we're excited about the positive impact this will have on our business.”

Shannon Cahoon president, mADPLUM CREATIVE

“With Brandcast we have continued to maintain our design and brand consistency across our many offices and verticals. Brandcast allows us the ability to complete customized projects faster than ever, with complete control over the creation process, without sacrificing on design.”

Corinna Bennett Assistant VP, berkadia

“Using Brandcast has enabled our visual designers, who have minimal experience building websites, to create gorgeous custom property and team websites with ease and consistency. Brandcast saves us a tremendous amount of time, and ultimately money, on publishing a high volume of sites in a short amount of time.”

Kristen Kelley Marketing Manager, Colliers

“I'm having a great experience designing the Merrygood site with the Brandcast Design Studio. Using a comp that has been sitting in our Dropbox forever, I was able to create in Brandcast in about 15 minutes!”

Nicole Fikes Founder Creative Director, Merrygood

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