Tutorial: Create a Full Site

Step by step instructions to design a Brandcast site from start to finish in under 30 minutes.

This tutorial covers all the techniques and components required to complete a complete site in Brandcast.  You don't need any previous web design or web development experience to complete the course.


  1. Open up the completed site we are going to build at tutorialbuild.brandcast.com
  2. Open up a new browser tab and go to app.brandcast.com and login to your account
  3. Download the asset pack below and unzip it.  You should have a folder called "Tutorial Assets"
  4. Follow along with the tutorial below to create your site

Part 1: Getting Started

Let's start with fundamentals.

Part one covers:

  • Creating a new site in the Command Center
  • An overview of Brandcast structure and UI
  • Uploading the assets downloaded above to the Content Drawer
  • Integrating with Google Fonts
  • Setting up the site defaults

Run time: 5 minutes


Part 2: Site Build

This portion of the tutorial goes over creating the layout and design of the site.

Part two covers:

  • Sections, columns, and components 
  • Using Images
  • Working with text
  • Embedding video
  • Creating buttons and links
  • Creating forms

Run time: 15 minutes

Additional Assets:

We've provided a link to a YouTube video below that you can copy to use during the tutorial video. 



Part 3: Final Design Edits & Publishing

The last section of the tutorial will get the site ready to publish.

Part three covers:

  • Formatting the header and navigation bar
  • Linking to sections and images
  • Fixing images in place
  • Adjusting opacity layers over images
  • Adding cover photos to video
  • Formatting and linking buttons
  • Inputting metadata for SEO optimization
  • Publishing

Run time: 8.5 minutes



If you've made it this far you've been able to build a deploy your first website on Brandcast!  Additional support videos, articles, and webinars can be found at support.brandcast.com