Sign up for one of our live webinars. Our webinars cover advanced Brandcast design techniques for creating engaging web experiences.

Getting Started with the Brandcast Design Studio

Every Tuesday at 10am

Moderator: Rachel Happ, Design Specialist

Drop-in to our weekly ongoing Getting Started webinar where we’ll tour the features of the design studio, review the basics of building in Brandcast, and answer any burning questions you may have about your website.

Topics Include: UI overview, basic layouts, images, text, containers, grid elements, buttons, linking, basic hover states and building mobile-ready sites.

Essential Concepts of Structure in Web Design

Every Second Wednesday

Moderator: Matt Kinkaid, Product Specialist

The manner in which you structure your website, pages, content, and design choices all have a significant impact on how your website performs and scales across different mobile devices. Join our webinar to master the essential concepts of structure and instantly elevate your web design know-how.

Topics Include: Sitemap Building, Structural Elements (Left Toolbar), Hierarchy, Positioning (Flow)

Interactions and Animations

Every Second Wednesday

Moderator: Matt Kinkaid, Product Specialist

Adding content to a web page is one thing – designing a beautiful digital experience around that content is quite another. Join our webinar to review the essential concepts of interactions and animations.

Topics Include: Interactions, Animations, Menus, Snippets

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

Every Fourth Wednesday

Moderator: Matt Kinkaid, Product Specialist

After the prototyping is done and the design phase of your website is underway, it’s important to understand how every design choice you make will look across all screen sizes. Our webinar will review all the features and best practices necessary to perfect your website design across desktop monitors and mobile devices.

Topics Include: Device Mode, Grid, Global Styles, Dimensions & Units, Hide/Show by Device, Mobile Tools